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Monday, 9 May 2016

Rita Ann Higgins says I'm a wasp

I get a mention in Rita Ann Higgins's Opening Keynote Speech at Éigse Michael Hartnett​ 2016, and she quotes a verse from my poem 'Austerity Mantra'. 
Rita Ann Higgins
Other poets to get mentions are Theodore Roethke, Auden, Yeats, Eavan Boland, Bertolt Brecht, Sarah Clancy, Padraig Fiacc, Stephen Murphy, Medbh McGuckian, and Michael Hartnett himself. Rita Ann's speech is titled 'Wasp In The Mug'. Apparently I am a wasp, or at least several of my poems are. Anyway, you can listen to her talk here.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Anti-semites, sumo wrestlers, & The Head of Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger

Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger - she's the one on the right.
My newest poem 'The Head of Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger' was published today on the U.K. based website Culture Matters, having earlier in the day first appeared on The Bogman's Cannon

The purpose of the poem is to help the distinguished Rabbi and Baroness in future distinguish between the two things pictured below.
This is an anti-semite.
This is a Sumo wrestler.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

'Revolution' poems and Poetry Day

"Poetry Day Ireland will take place on Thursday 28 April in 2016. The theme for 2016 is Revolution, whether that be artistic, political, social, or personal. Poetry has always closely reflected social change and transformation. In 2016, we aim to bring that aspect of the written (and spoken) word to the forefront in every school, venue, café, and street corner in Ireland. The theme is more of a springboard than a rigid structure. We [Poetry Ireland] encourage organisers and collaborators to rebel against it, to revolutionize it and make it their own." For more see the Poetry Ireland website.

An actual revolutionary
Another actual revolutionary